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PREselling… The Profitable Heat Wave


January 2, 2009 by admin

PREselling, on the other hand, warms up your visitor with high-value information that fosters trust and credibility. Your information fulfills a wish and/or provides a much sought-after solution for her. As a result of this positive/beneficial experience, the visitor begins to like and respect you.

Great content encourages your visitor to think about you as a “friend” making a recommendation rather than a stranger making a sales pitch. And if you create a truly info-rich site, you’ll actually become a trusted expert, sharing your wealth of information.

Effective PREselling creates an open-to-buy (or open-to-hire) frame of mind in your visitor and gets the click through to your monetization model. It’s this “openness” to find out more about you and your business that produces higher Conversion Rates and generates more income for you.

The key is to reinforce your credibility to your visitor/potential customer every step of the way. To accomplish this, get inside your visitor’s head and think about how she will react to your PREselling efforts.

Whatever you do, consider the impact on your visitor… If it does not make her more “open to buy or hire,” don’t do it.

PREsell your way to high Conversion Rates.

It’s easy to summarize the whole point of effective PREselling with this question…

Which person would you respond to?

A stranger with a sales pitch…
A knowledgeable friend making a recommendation?

No matter what your business may be, the key is to building targeted traffic is… Deliver excellent content that pulls in warm, motivated visitors, who become PREsold about you and your business and who then buy your products/services, or click on your ads, or visit your merchant’s site or whatever other monetization models you use.

Successful PREselling is all about looking after the needs of your visitors first and foremost, and putting “the sale” second. Believe it or not, although this seems paradoxical, it is only by following this mantra that you will actually begin to earn real income on the Net.
In short… Take care of the needs of your audience. Good things will follow. Give, then take.

So here’s the million dollar question…
Where do you find all these great words, all this great content? And the answer is… inside you!

As an example, let’s assume that you have a rather unusual area of expertise. You love concrete. Yes, cement! It’s been your hobby, your passion, for years…

Concrete statues. Concrete painting. Decorative concrete. Concrete in the garden. Repairing concrete. The various types of concrete. Hand trowels. Things to do with cement blocks. Concrete trade shows. Concrete and swimming pools. Concrete molds. Cleaning concrete. Ready mixed concrete. Concrete countertops.

Anyway, let’s say that you decide to create a theme-based site that is all about concrete. Your home page explains how your site is the site for everything
concrete, from structural to esthetic.

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