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  1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Training Course


    November 26, 2008 by admin

    During the training course we focus most practical work on Google AdWords training, assessing best practice for keyword matching, ad
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  • What Marketers at Dell, IBM, Optum, General Mills and Bank of America Think About the Future of Search Marketing
    As the search marketing industry continues to feel the sting of Google narrowing down what passes as acceptable search marketing practices, more practitioners find themselves having to defend the channel. This is more true with SEO than Search Advertising, but for many, search marketing isn’t exactly the poster child it once was. But that’s not […]
  • How to Optimize Your Content Strategy With Social Listening
    If you understand what your customers are saying, what they need, and how they want to get it, you can craft the right content that meets their needs. Here's how social listening can help you optimize your content strategy. […]
  • How to Ensure Your SEO Strategy Delivers the Right Traffic
    When it comes to SEO, achieving first page rankings and getting more traffic is one thing, but here's how to make sure those rankings deliver the right type of traffic to your website, traffic that will actually convert into new customers. […]
  • New App-Based Search Engine Startup Relcy Tries to Reset SEO
    The idea behind Relcy is to index and rank the content stored within apps on your phone, giving you the ability to search content across all your apps, which the major search engines, like Google, can't access. What could it mean for SEO? […]
  • Google Love Grows, Bing Satisfaction Drops Among U.S. Customers [Survey]
    Love it or hate it, Google is loved by customers. Bing? No so much? And Yahoo, the love is pretty much gone. That's according to 70,000 users who were surveyed as part of the 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)E-Business Report. […]
  • Blogger Fined for Top-Ranked Restaurant Review
    French blogger Caroline Doudet was forced to amend her post title and pay damages after a negative restaurant review that was appearing too prominently in Google search was found to be "unfairly hurting" the business. […]
  • Marin Adds Google Shopping Campaign Management
    Announcements coming from Marin in the past week showcase support for Google Shopping campaigns in its advertising platform, and product inventory feed management through an integration of Productsup. […]
  • Learn, Network, Create – Upcoming Digital Marketing and PR Conferences in 2014
    Continuous learning is the key to stay ahead in the digital marketing and PR world. Besides learning from your own experiments, connecting with other industry subject matter experts and peers can be a great way to expand your knowledge network. You ARE building a knowledge network, right? Events are a big part of how I […]
  • What is Link Building?
    Link building can and should play a crucial role in any online marketing campaign. Link building isn't just the process of acquiring backlinks that point to your site: it's also a proven tactic that increases brand awareness and conversions. […]
  • PR for SEO: Advanced Social Media Tips to Engage With Media Influencers
    Want to build your brand authority and trust while helping your SEO efforts? Turn to public relations. With these Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn tips, you and your community manager can easily start building a slew of influential media contacts. […]